search engine optimization in kenya

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These days it is pretty hard to find a professional SEO service provider in Kenya. Reason? It is because firms that don’t have any competency started providing Search SEO services since there is high demand.


Search Engine Optimization in Kenya

Internet and digital marketing are an emerging market in Kenya. Now more and more people are coming online and searching for things and services online, which is putting compulsion on businesses to move along with time and take their businesses online. And if with time they dont come online and serve people, they will loose out business to their online competitors.


Professional SEO not that easy


While SEO might seem as a simple straightforward task, but it is not. Google being a multi billion dollar company won’t be able to manipulate easily. SEO is a hugely complex and continuously updating algorithm. SEO is not something that can be done in a day or week. It takes much time and hard work to get the site on top of google search result, and gone are the days when ranking on google was done in a month or less. Now SEO demands patience.

In today’s world everyone and slowly everything is getting online. People have started to seek information straight from their comfort by googling. If they want information for something they are going to look online. People now rely on google for all information and other needs.



Why is Search Engine Optimization important for businesses in Kenya?


If you have a website, SEO is important. Even if you site is new or old, struggling or successful, SEO is very important for online success and brand reputation. If there were no SEO, then it would have been so hard to find information, website or business that we need to find online.

Now as the search engines would be very easy to manipulate, spam would come on top of users search and eventually people would stop online search. So basically SEO makes the information available online easy to find as people don’t need more than a few seconds. SEO has ensured quality standards in google search results.


Some examples of industries where SEO in Kenya can be beneficial-


  1. Restaurants – people have now started to search online for food delivery and to decide which restaurant to go for a meal, so ranking for best restaurants will surely bring in more business.
  2. Home service – As internet penetration is increasing, people also started searching for home services online.
  3. Manufacturing – Manufacturing companies would want suppliers and other clients to be able to find them online.
  4. Services – Be it any kind of services, people now find it easy to search for them from the comfort of their homes.
  5. Online Education – In this internet age, people prefer to learn online as they can do it sitting in their home, no need to attend some institute for the same.


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